University of Professional Studies School Fees Schedule 2017/2018

University of Professional Studies, Accra, UPSA school fees schedule for 2017/2018 academic session has been released by the management of the school. These are the fees payable by all categories of students of the University.

UPSA School Fees Schedule

All fresh and continuing students are to check University of Professional Studies, UPSA school fees structure and proceed to pay as scheduled. You can check the details as applicable to you below.

University of Professional Studies School Fees Details

The University of Professional Studies, Accra has established that fees will be paid by students as set out in the fees schedule published before the beginning of a new academic year.

Breakdown of UPSA School Fees

The approved fees normally comprise: academic facility user fees, residential facility and miscellaneous charges. The fees policy in part provides as follows:

  • Fees are not subject to increment once enrolled on an academic programme as a student.
  • Fees charged per academic year are supposed to be paid by two installments i.e.  50% at the beginning of the first semester and the remaining 50% at the start of the second semester. Full payment (100%) is, however, accepted if the student can afford.
  • A student rusticated or suspended or withdrawn or dismissed under a University policy or procedure is not entitled to a refund as specified in the students’ handbook.

University of Professional Studies, UPSA School Fees Schedule – 2017/2018

The approved fees for the 2017/2018 academic year are provided below. You should also check out the details of UPSA Hostel Accommodation Fees Schedule.


Evening & Weekend2016 Batch16,47010,000
POSTGRADUATEFreshers (2017 Batch)17,30010,000
3-Year Post 1st Degree Bachelor of Laws (LLB)2016 Batch9,0005,000
Freshers (2017 Batch)9,0005,000
4-Year Bachelor of Laws (LLB)2016 Batch5,1204,000
Freshers (2017 Batch)5,1204,000
2014 Batch2,6524,000
Morning & Evening2015 Batch3,5804,000
2016 Batch4,1204,000
Freshers (2017 Batch)4,1204,000
2014 Batch3,1624,000
Weekend2015 Batch4,1104,000
2016 Batch4,7304,000
UNDERGRADUATEFreshers (2017 Batch)4,1204,000
Morning & Evening2016 Batch3,6603,000
DIPLOMAFreshers (2017 Batch)3,6603,000
Morning2015 Batch964300
2016 Batch1,110300
PROFESSIONALFreshers (2017 Batch)1,110300
Medical Screening (Freshers only) – Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate & Professional100
Medical Levy (Continuing & Freshers) –Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate & Professional80
Sports Levy (All Students)20
Hostel Fund (All Students)10
SRC Dues (Freshers only)-Diploma, Undergraduate & Professional60
SRC Dues (All Continuing -Diploma, Undergraduate & Professional)40
GRASAG Dues Freshers & Continuing students (Graduate School only)130
UPSA Hostel Facility User Fee Per Person (4 Occupants Per Annum)1,500
UPSA Hostel Facility User Fee Per Person (2 Occupants Per Annum)3,000
UPSA Hostel Refundable Deposit For Damages (Per Occupant)100
UPSA Hostel Initial Electricity Credit (Per Occupant)20
UPSA Hall Affilation Dues (All Students) Per Academic Year30
Faculty Dues (All Students) Per Academic Year40

You can also download the fees schedule in in pdf here.

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