Tuition Free Universities in Germany and How To Apply – 2017

Here is the list of Tuition-free Universities in Germany and how to apply for admission in 2017. Students from Ghana and other countries (especially those from developing countries) can apply for admission into these Free Tuition German Universities.

Tuition Free Universities in Germany

In case this is the first time you are seeing this, Tuition-free Universities in Germany don’t take tuition from students who are admitted into the school. This holds, irrespective of the country the students come from. Application for admission into these schools are also quite easy compared to those from UK, US and Canada.

Tuition Free Universities in Germany & How To Apply – 2017

Since the winter Semester 2006/07, German universities are now allowed to charge tuition fees for undergraduate study programmes. Currently,  only four out of 16 Federal states charge tuition fees of up to 500 Euros per semester. These states are Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, and Lower Saxony (some few more schools have started to charge tuition as of 2017; these include University of Hohenheim and some other schools).  However, the fees charged in these schools are still relatively affordable.

German Universities Without Tuition are Listed Below:

This is just a few of the many tuition free universities in Germany. This list will be updated from time to time.

How To Apply For Admission Into Tuition-Free Universities in Germany

With DAAD, you can search for any undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters or PhD) courses in these Universities. You can click here to start your search.

These tuition-free Universities in Germany are standard and world class Universities. They operate just like any other good university, therefore you have to meet the same sets of requirements for admission.

Some schools require that you apply through Uni-Assist while others allow you to apply directly to their own admission office. The latter makes admission easier and saves you application fees.

This is just the summary of the whole process. We will write an more detailed article about this in the future. These coming articles will be about applying to German Universities as a Ghanaian, how to authenticate your certificates and documents for admission in Ghana and the process for getting a German Student’s Visa in Ghana.

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